What We Offer

  Doo'in the Doo...and Litterboxes Too offers top-notch, year-round, time saving, eco-friendly pet waste removal. At unbelievable prices! Indy's Best Kept Secret!Offering services for both your dog(s) and cat(s)!

For you and your dog(s). Doo'in the Doo...and Litterboxes Too offers one-time and scheduled(daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly) yard cleaning services. Meaning. If you want your yard cleaned once a day. YOU GOT IT! You want it cleaned once a week, YOU GOT IT! You want it cleaned once a month, YOU GOT IT! You catch the drift. Its all up to you! Just schedule it and forget it! Imagine, no more back aches from time wasted having to scoop the poop. No more worries about who's going to clean the yard because.. "We're Doo'in the Doo, So You Don't Have Too!"              

Additional yard, pet sitting and food pick-up services also available! Just ask!

Doo'in the Doo...and Litterboxes Too  knows you love your cat(s)! But, don't you hate cleaning their litterboxes? Don't worry, your not alone!   If thats the case, our litterbox service may be for you. Just set them out and Doo'in the Doo...and Litterboxes Too does the rest!    We come, clean, replace and dispose. First off. We come to you. Then, we empty, clean and disinfect your litterboxes. After that. We supply and replace the dirty litter with new, clean litter. Finally, we dispose of the dirty litter for you! No hassles, no mess! You'll never have to deal with a dirty litterbox again! How awesome is that!!!!

Doo'in the Doo...and Litterboxes Too offers (3) different levels of litterbox service, because we know all cats are different. Please, contact us for more information about each level of service and pricing. We can make you an estimate for litterbox service online! (Please note: Doo'in the Doo uses (3) chosen litters. If you need, use, or want a certain type of litter used. Let us know. We'll try and get it. This may cause a change in service price.) 

In a effort to help our environment, Doo'in the Doo...and Litterboxes Too only uses 100% bio-degradable/compostable waste bags to dispose of all animal waste. Meaning, Fido's poo-poo won't be in a landfill somewhere, stuck in a plastic bag that doesn't bio-degrade for 25-50 years. It will be recycled and reused in the way it should be!

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